The Absolute Basics

Before posting ANYTHING, please read the rules and regulations set forth in this forum. By using this website, you agree to follow all rules and regulations set forth, which we reserve the right to change at any time.
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The Absolute Basics

Post by JLong » Mon Jun 04, 2018 9:29 pm

Legal Disclaimer:

Any firearms for sale on this site are private classifieds ads from unverified members. It is the responsibility of the buyer and the seller to abide by all local and national laws of firearm sales. It is also the responsibility of the buyer and seller to verify the validity and verify the transaction of any such sale. Proceed solely at your own risk.

Read and know your laws:

i594 (Firearm sales or transfers—Background checks—Requirements—Exceptions.):
NRA Federal and State Firearms Laws:
You MUST be at least 21 to post a pistol for sale / trade. NO EXCEPTIONS.
You MUST be at least 18 to post a rifle / shotgun for sale / trade. NO EXCEPTIONS.


1. Pick the appropriate section to post. They are pretty self explanatory. If an item is posted in the wrong section, it will be moved for you. You can bump it and request a move also.
2. Properly prefix your AD. Please prefix your ad with:
  • WTS: (Want To Sell)
    WTT: (Want To Trade)
    WTB: (Want To Buy)
3. You must post an asking price for your item if it is a WTS. If it is a trade, list it in the Barter section. Sales ads without price will be moved to the Barter Section.
4. Bare minimum: Make, Model#, and Serial# are required for any firearms listed.
5. Post a picture! If you want to sell it, a picture will help.
6. I don't recommend posting your phone number or e-mail address, for anonymity. Let people PM you.
7. You may bump your own post once per day. Exceptions to this rule:
- 6a. Sold Items - Bumping to report an item sold.
- 6b. New Price - Bumping to announce a lower price.
- 6c. Package Change - Adding or removing items to the deal.

Buyers / Browsers:

When posting replies to classifieds, please keep your reply relevant to the sale item. For all other conversation, please post in one of the Discussion forums.

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